1. Your surgeon will review the recommended surgery and answer any questions you may have regarding the risks, benefits, and recovery period.
  2. We will then begin the process of pre-authorization. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may need to make pre-paid deposit.
  3. You should contact your insurance company to make sure you understand your surgery benefits and to make sure each facility involved in your surgery is a preferred provider with your specific insurance plan. Just because one provider is a preferred provider with your insurance, does not necessarily mean the other providers will be preferred. We strongly recommend you take this step to alleviate financial surprises after the surgery.
  4. The Surgery Scheduler will then work with you to choose a date of surgery.
  5. Once the date of surgery is chosen, all pre-operative and post-operative appointments will be scheduled and your surgery instructions will be reviewed.

Our dedicated staff will help you navigate through the scheduling and insurance process. If you have any questions or need more complete information, please contact the surgery scheduling desk at 406-532-8393.

Surgery: What to expect when you are expecting surgery